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Why Will My Toilet Not Stop Running?

Maybe your toilet just wants a new home, but chances are, a running toilet is caused by a damaged flapper. Of course, this is only one issue that may cause a toilet to continuously run. You can call a plumber for toilet repair geneva il if your toilet is running. This professional will inspect the toilet to determine the exact cause of trouble and then make an efficient repair very quickly.

A running toilet usually runs for a few seconds at a time. Many people do not realize that it isn’t normal because it happens so often. Some people think that it is simply the toilet topping off the water. It is annoying but it is also costly and can cost you serious money on the water bill each month. So, you can understand clearly why it is essential to pick up that phone and call for help if this issue affects the toilet in your home.

The flapper seals the water in the tank of the toilet. When the toilet is flushed, the flapper lifts to allow water to move from the tank into the bowl. Once the tank has expelled a specific amount of water, the flapper goes back down into place to stop the further flow of water. There are a few reasons why the flapper may not do the job intended. Usually a damaged flapper that is old or worn out is the cause of this trouble. All that you need to resolve the problem is a replacement flapper!

toilet repair geneva il

If sediment forms on the tank, it can also cause trouble because it does not allow the flapper to completely from a seal. Water will slowly drip in such a case. This may also cause water overflow and may even affect the sewage system in worst-case scenarios.

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